The Amazing Four Handed Massage!

Four-handed massage is a massage where two therapists work on you at the same time, mirroring each others’ movements. For example, both your legs or arms are being massaged at the same time. or one therapist works on the right side of your back while the other works on the left.

To synchronize, one therapist takes the lead and the other follows. It should feel like they’re doing the same thing simultaneously.

It helps if they have a similar style and “touch” and have worked together before.

When done well, four-handed massage feels like you are completely enveloped in sensation and can be quite a wonderful experience. It feels like a total CNS disconnect. Your brain finally quits trying to keep up and you fall into a complete state of relaxation. 30 minutes feels like an hour and an hour feels like 2 hours, you should definitely try it.

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