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Recharge Mission

Recharge is passionate about providing Therapeutic Massage and having it be easily accessible and accommodating for those suffering from chronic pain, illness or injury. Recharge will provide mobile services, and flexible hours in the atmosphere you are most comfortable.

Jackye Rena Crumley LMT #MT133467
Jacqueline Jackie Crumley LMT #MT133503

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The best way to book and check our availability is through the button above, but we will be happy to chat and set up something together.

All major credit cards will be offered. Feel free to call or text us at: 325-998-7033 or email us at:

Owners of Recharge are Jackie and Jackye Crumley. Graduates of Texas Massage Academy in Brownwood, Texas. We both still enjoy our careers in healthcare, and now we are enjoying another avenue of the healthcare area that isn’t utilized as much as it should be. We look forward to working with you and helping with any problem areas you might have.

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