Welcome To The Recharge Family

We are so blessed by each and every single person we get to meet and work on.
Without you all, we would not be living our dreams of helping people be healthy, and strong.
Thank you so much for choosing us as part of your Health Care Team and Wellness Team.
Have a look around and see some of our services, check out our blog, or maybe even grab an eBook.
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Patrick S.

Service Received:

Knowledgeable therapists. Relaxing and professional, and left feeling better than when I arrived. Atmosphere is open and welcoming. Be prepared for a custom aroma therapy experience!


David R.

Service Received:
Therapeutic Massage

Outstanding Results! David- Brownwood


Mica A.

Service Received:
Therapeutic Massage

Listened to my concerns and problem areas, area of my body and asked frequently to check my pain level, and always told me ahead of time what she was about to do! Very relaxing and enjoyable. I went in hurting and left feeling like a million bucks. Thank you Jackie!!!


Service Received:
Deep Tissue

Great Spa space. Cozy and well-appointed spaces allow for an opportunity to relax in a sauna pre-massage. There is also a quiet and disconnected room that provides for a great mind-clearing experience.