Covid 19 Policies

Recharge is passionate about providing Therapeutic Massage and having it be easily accessible and accommodating for those suffering from chronic pain, illness or injury. Recharge will provide mobile services, and flexible hours in the atmosphere you are most comfortable.

As we all navigate these uncharted waters, we at Recharge have updated our policies in this new pandemic era. Recharge will be adding a screening tool for the clients during the intake process and Recharge will be adjusting our sanitation and hygiene policies.

We are a mobile business so that may mean some extra down time between clients to ensure all used equipment has been throughly disinfected and cleaned properly.

Some items will be disposable as well. Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. We will implement a screening tool, we will have a waiver, and we will have on hand our policy for cleaning and disinfecting our tools. Recharge’s goal is to make you as safe as possible, this may also mean wearing a mask for each of us.

Here are some of our standard protocols we are implementing.

1-The face cradle will be wrapped in a disposable cover. We will put a waterproof mattress cover onto the table and cushion itself, a sheet will then go over that. You will also have a sheet and blanket for draping.

2-We will be wearing a face mask during the massage. Clients are not mandated to, but can if they wish.

4-We wipe with Clorox/Microban wipes after the client uses pens, clip boards, etc..ANYTHING the client has touched.

5-We will take cash, but most people normally pay with CC-We wipe that before its put it in the card reader. Most services are prepaid at booking.

6-We change sheets as usual. Wash them on sanitation cycle and dry as usual.

Jackye Rena Crumley LMT #MT133467. Jacqueline Jackie Crumley LMT #MT133503

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