Hot Stone Massage!

Hot stone massage therapy not only feels amazingly relaxing, it can also provide a host of other benefits associated with massage. The use of hot stones allows you to achieve a deeper level of relaxation as the stones serve as a grounding force that makes it difficult to stay stressed very long. Hot stone massage has a calming effect that relieves pain, reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

With hot stone massage, tension melts away as a result of heat, allowing your massage therapist to access deeper layers of muscle. This results in a relaxation of muscle tension that accompanies a host of other benefits including:

  • Improved circulation
  • Increased metabolism
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Fewer muscle spasms
  • Improved joint flexibility
  • Improved mood

What to Expect During Your Hot Stone Massage

When you receive a massage involving hot stone massage protocols, your therapist will place smooth, water-heated stones at key points along your body. He or she will combine this practice with other massage methods in order to deliver the best experience and provide the most healing.

With regular hot stone massage sessions, you will begin to notice less pain and an improved ability for your body to handle stress.

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