Thai Massage!

Thai massage is actually a combination of acupressure, assisted yoga and Indian Ayurvedic principles. It is very different than most traditional massage styles and the experience is more rigorous and energizing.

Rather than using a table, a padded mat is placed on the floor. There is a great deal of movement involved in this type of massage. You’ll need to be wearing comfortable clothing that allows free movement as you are assisted through a series of poses and stretches. No oils or lotions used in this type of massage.

An onlooker might describe Thai massage as looking like a dance where the therapist leads and assists their client through various movements and stretches.

During your session time, you’ll be moved through a range of yoga like positions. You’ll also experience acupressure joint mobilization and muscle compression which add to the effectiveness of this amazing technique. Expect your Thai massage therapist to use their hands, feet, knees and legs while they work with you.

Some of the benefits of Thai massage are stress reduction and improved circulation and flexibility. Similar to yoga, an effective Thai massage session will help you feel more centered, relaxed and calm.

I am very excited to begin offering this modality!

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